Friday, October 24, 2014

Houston Real Estate Named #1

Houston named No. 1 real estate market to watch in 2015

 Houston's real estate market has caught the eye of investors worldwide, prompting one to call the Bayou City the "perfect storm for commercial real estate," according to a new report from the Urban Land Institute andPwC.

Houston ranked No. 1 in both investment and development prospects, and it came in second to Austin for home building prospects.

A doctor in NY has been confirmed with Ebola after returning from treating patients in Africa. Three weeks ago that news would have sent markets lower and a run into treasuries, today not so much. 

Since Nov 2008 the Fed’s balance sheet has expanded to $4.48 trillion, an amount that is almost impossible to understand or imagine.Chair Janet Yellen opened the door to keeping a multi-trillion-dollar portfolio for years, saying a decision on when to stop reinvesting maturing bonds depends on financial conditions and the economic outlook. Shrinking the balance sheet to normal historical levels “could take to the end of the decade,” Yellen said at her press conference last month.

Sept new home sales were expected to have dropped 10.3% from August to 460K units (annualized); as reported sales were up 0.2% but only because August numbers were revised substantially lower; originally reported +18% August revised to 10.5%. October builder confidence dropped 4 points a week ago; trying to make a silk purse from a pig's ear will be the task today for the housing market bulls. Still just muddling along; builders are focusing on higher prices homes while turning less interested in entry level houses. Young people are not much interested kin home ownership as in previous recoveries from recessions. No inflation in prices and changing culture are drags on the outlook.

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